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Hi there

I've set up the Buy Button on a Wix based site. When clicking the Buy Button, when the site is opened via the Facebook app on iPhone/iPad, nothing happens.

To clarify, the button works as expected if the website is accessed via desktop and mobile browser. However, the site is accessed via Facebook app on iOS, the button does not seem to respond. In this instance the flow was:

- Open Facebook app on iPhone/iPad

- Navigate to Terra Nova Foundation page (this page Terra Nova Foundation | Facebook)

- Locate the first post, which starts with "Exciting News!!"

- Click on the website link to access the Wix website (

- Press the Buy Button to start the checkout process - this is where is doesn't respond


The behaviour of the button was set to open another window when pressed. Could this be happening because another window cannot be opened from within the Facebook app? I've tried the same process on my Android phone via the Facebook Lite app, but the error doesn't occur here.

Is there a way to fix this without changing the existing setup/flow?

This is particularly frustrating since we have boosted the facebook post to see what the results would be. We don't want to be spending money on engagements which will ultimately not be able to convert to sales if the button is not responding.

Hopefully someone can confirm the error and advise on a solution.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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Further to the post above, I would just like to add:

I have tried changing the button behaviour to cause the link to open in the same window. Unfortunately this is even worse, as when I access the site directly through my desktop, the button doesn't work at all. Instead it shows an error symbol over the button stating that it can't connect to the shop.