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Bypass the 100 item limit when creating discount code

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Hi there!

I'm creating a website for a client and we want an option that lets users build their own sample box of 6 items. 

The solution I arrived at was to add a sample size variant, make all the sample items cost the same as the sample box then apply an automatic discount code when 6 sample items are added.

i.e. Buy 1 sample tile get 5 sample tiles free

However, when creating the discount code, I wasn't able to include all the items with the sample variant because 'The number of items for "Customer buys" can’t exceed 100'

Is there any way to bypass this limit?

Here's the link to my store: 

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No, 100-variant is the hard limit. It's not possible to change now. Though Shopify has a plan to increase this limit.


You can set up the discount code applying to the sample variant instead of the individual products

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