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Hi, our store carries a large amount products that are larger and considered oversized or freight. We are attempting to figure out how to add calculated shipping to our check out that uses the volume of the package and not just the weight of the package. We are trying to use shipeasy but the rates it gives us our way off of our shipstation rates. I have tried both adding a discount to the shipping rate and by putting the dimensions of the product less than the actual size. However the rates for our biggest items will be correct but the smaller oversized items will be way to low. We have set it up to use the UPS carrier rate. is there a better app to use or a better way to set this up with shipeasy.

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Hi, @keith29!

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For calculating shipping based on package volume for oversized items, you can consider using the "Advanced Shipping Rules" app on Shopify. This app allows you to set up custom shipping rules based on various factors, including package dimensions. It provides more flexibility and accuracy in determining shipping rates for your products. You can also inquire with ShipEasy or ShipStation to see if they have any alternate solutions. 

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