Can global sources populate select input options in a section's schema?

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Is it possible to populate the options for a select input within a section's schema from a global source?


To give an example of what I'm looking for, say you have a component that allows the user to pick from one of five custom fonts from a select input, chosen from a select menu (let's say these are custom fonts, so using the standard "select"-type input). If you add a new component that also allows the user to pick a font you'd have to copy and paste the dropdown menu schema, including its options, to the new component. And then if you add a sixth font, you have to add it to both files. The issue compounds if you have, say, ten components or fifty. It would be much better if you could create a single global "font_options" array to store those options and then simply reference it in each component. Is that possible?

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Looking for the same answer. I don't want to have to update my "Select" options in 24 different sections; i'd like to have a single Select with the options, and import that on the sections that need that setting option