Can I run two identical stores on different domains with separate accounts?

Can I run two identical stores on different domains with separate accounts?

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I'd like to have two separate Shopify stores with the same theme, and account owner, but would like two separate Shopify accounts and email addresses. 

For example, one store of body care products is on the domain, and the other one is on The stores should have different email addresses, payment methods, and taxes applied. But they should look identical, so use the same theme and part of the products.


Would it be possible to do that?





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If you are trying to do this for different countries/markets, you can set this up under one store which will show different pages and domains based on the customers location. (this is called localization)

Otherwise you will need to do pretty much what you have described, create a separate account/store for both under different emails. You could then access them both from a partner account if you wanted otherwise they will be totally seperate. The first option above is almost always a better option if the storefront isn't changing a lot. Good luck!

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Thank you very much for your reply.


In case I use the localization, I have a few questions to proceed


1. Would I be able to use different email addresses for these websites? 

2. If, for example, in both locations, I have a separate stock, would I be able to indicate them independently? For example, I have a store in Santiago and New York, and in Santiago, I have 3 items of a product, and in NY I have 5. And I do not ship between these cities, they should have different local delivery services. Would it be possible to set it up?


3. If I have the same product in both countries, would I be able to put independent prices on it?


Thank you