Can Shopify effectively manage online bookings for travel and tours?

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Seeking Advice:
I understand Shopify to be great for ecommerce and products - but is it the right platform for Travel And Tours? Currently my options are the website and booking management system are separate which means 2 bill.

I need my guests to be able to:


- Book scheduled tours and trips online
- Pay / Refund online
- Reschedule (arrange) guest bookings

If Shopify can manage this and my website I'd be satisfied 🙂

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this below can be done on shopify

- Book scheduled tours and trips online
- Pay / Refund online
- Reschedule (arrange) guest bookings

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For your specific needs, I'd recommend exploring dedicated travel booking platforms or tour management software. These solutions are designed with features tailored to the travel industry, allowing you to seamlessly manage bookings, payments, and guest interactions all in one place. Some popular options include FareHarbor, Checkfront, and Rezdy. These platforms typically offer robust features for online booking, payment processing, and reservation management, making them better suited to handle the intricacies of the travel and tours business.
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Hi @KK88


You are right! You would need a booking management system to manage bookings for your Travels and Tours on your Shopify store. BookThatApp allows you to schedule the dates and times for your events and provides your customers with a simple interface to create their bookings: Shopify handles the payment so this is handled like any other product that's being purchased on your Shopify store. The app provides links in it's notifications for customers to cancel or reschedule their bookings. The Cancellation configuration page has additional settings for you to decide if customers should be refunded when they cancel. If this sounds like what you're looking for, then feel free to take a look at the app: