Can someone help with positioning the button in image with text in the center of the element

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Hello everyone I am trying to position the buttons in the image and text element to center to the element, not only center to where the text part in this element is. Is there a way to achieve this ?  Any help is well appreciated ! I know there are some really knowledgeable people on here . Surely someone did it !

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Hi @Hushhush 

What do you mean center of the element? Do you have sample picture? Would you mind to share also your store URL? Thanks!

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Sorry for the late replay . It is not live yet the store but basically when you add a button to a image and text element the button is positioned under the text part when viewed on a desktop 🖥️ . The image is on the left and the text is on the right with the button underneath. I would like to position the button in the center bellow the image and the text. Hopefully this makes sense to you and would really appreciate the help . Thank you and have a lovely week .