Can't add g-suite MX records? Can't edit MX record?

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I've verified my shopify domain with g-suite with a txt record.  That said, I am having trouble with MX records and am at wits end.


G suite is asking me to add 5 MX records - Shopify is only allowing me to edit 1.  Every time I open the "add mx record" and hit "confirm" after entering the mx record information from g-suite, the box closes, and nothing is saved.  There's an mx record in there already, however, it's not the google one, and it won't let me delete it.  The other records on my page all have an "actions > reset" button, but this one does not.


I don't know what to do, I've searched everywhere and can't find a solution for this.  It's been 3 days since I verified the txt record.  I really need to open my store but this is causing major issues.



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I can't help you with the first part of your question, but, I can help with the second, as this frustrated me for about 2 hours before solving the issue.


To delete the MX record, simply scroll across past priority and you will see the ACTION button. Its hidden on the MX record and I can only assume this is a problem for people on smaller screens hence why some of us struggle to find the button to remove the MX record. 


Thought I post a response because it appears that many people have had this issue but nobody has been bothered to help or figured it out.


Hope you solved the issue by now all the same.

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Just took me a while to figure out. In the top right corner, press Add Custom Record and add more MX records until they’re all added.