Can't test apps in development mode

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As if the sheer number of technical issues in Shopify is not enough, I can't even test apps in development mode. To sign up for the trial you have to approve of charges after trial period. Shopify wont allow this.

You have to put the store in test mode, but the payment test mode is (of course) not working:

(for testing) Bogus Gateway doesn't support 3D Secure with Shopify, which is required to comply with European PSD2 regulations.


I have to PAY the monthly subscription fee to test an app? And if it doesn't work as I need it to, I can't downgrade the store to development mode again. Who designed this platform?

Honestly, no one should be paying subscription fees while developing their store. Depending on what your store is suppose to offer, it can take a few weeks to put the whole thing together before you are ready to launch it.





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