Can we add color coded tags to prioritize orders in the admin panel?

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Hi, I have integrated Shopify APIs with my rails application, we have a feature where we need our Shopify vendors to fulfill some of the orders on high-priority, Is it possible to add color coded tags or can show high-priority order at the top (based on any attribute) of the order listing?

Or please let us know if we can achieve this in some other way provided by Shopify APIs. Thanks

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I also would like to have a color coded prioritizing feature for my customer's orders, like how you can choose different colored flags in email for different priorities/meanings. It'd be so much easier to sort this way or quickly look at see what needs to be followed up on (vs. sorting by tag words).

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I would love to have this as well! I don't have any faith that Shopify will implement it in a timely manner (or ever), so I think the best bet for us is to use a browser extension to color-code them. Ideally it would be doable with a custom CSS sheet but I don't think that's feasible, unfortunately. I could be wrong though!

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Two years later and they still haven't implemented this.  It's such a basic feature that should be included, not another paid app.