Cannot access the "name" property on a product variant metafield

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This is very odd. 


I am using metafields to display a variant product on a PDP as a "cross sell":




When I print out the JSON, I can see the object has the property "name":


  "id": 0123456789344,
  "title": "Default Title",
  "option1": "Default Title",
  "option2": null,
  "option3": null,
  "sku": "tester-00771",
  "requires_shipping": true,
  "taxable": false,
  "featured_image": null,
  "available": true,
  "name": "NAME GOES HERE",
  "public_title": null,
  "options": [
    "Default Title"
  "price": 2500,
  "weight": 127,
  "compare_at_price": null,
  "inventory_management": "shopify",
  "barcode": "0123456789",
  "requires_selling_plan": false,
  "selling_plan_allocations": []



However "name" is not accessible on the object, it renders "null":


{% assign cross_sell_product = product.metafields.product.tester_cross_sell.value %}

{{ }}



I've tried all sorts of variations including randomly throwing ".value" around to see if anything works. 


Also oddly enough, neither variants nor products objects should have a "name" property per Shopify docs: 

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