cannot get online sales channel to deactivate

cannot get online sales channel to deactivate

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I have a line of products that I can only sell in store however every time I remove the online option from these sales channels, it reverts back almost instantaneously back to online availability.   I use a Shopify Theme.  I have not had this issue in the past.  I can no longer remove the online sales channel from any of my products.  Is there an update that I haven't seen.  This is very annoying and inconvenient.  


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Hi Endors,

That's an odd situation.

First things first, I assume you save your changes.
After that, do you have any automation apps which you may have forgotten about and which may be changing your store configuration?
Then, as unlikely as this is, try using a different browser to make the change and see if it sticks.

Otherwise I'd be contacting Shopify support.  If they can replicate the issue, it's something they'll have to address.



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Did you find a fix for your issue? We are currently facing the same issue:

We save the unpublished channels. It appears to be correct for 5 minutes with online store turned off. 5 Minutes later I check back on the product and online store is activated again!??