Cannot Transfer Store Ownership

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Hi there, I built a store for a client and now I want to transfer ownership to them.


I have added them as a staff member and they have accepted, I have also changed all of the address info and connected their domain. However when I try to transfer ownership i receive this prompt reading that i must "go through the partner dashboard in order to transfer the account.

Screenshot (1).png


Then, when I go to the partner dashboard, no store shows up on the dashboard:

Screenshot (2).png


 Finally, I try to add a managed store to the dashboard, and its simply says: "an accounts email on the store is the same as your partner business email. Log in manually using your partner business email and password set when the store was created"

-Where am i supposed to log into manually??? To the shopify site, or to the partner dashboard?

Screenshot (3).png

I am having serious issues with this and need to transfer ownership to the client i built this for ASAP so any help would be greatly appreciated, I am honestly stumped