Canonical Tag for Duplicate Product Pages

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We created several product page variants for marketing, however, the product is 1 only. Now, these pages are of old design, but some of them rank well on Google (organic rankings). I do not want to lose their SEO juice. I have recently created 1 page with a more modern and clean design and want the new page to rank for SEO, so want all those old pages not to be anymore considered by Google and only the new one to be considered for organic rankings.


Let me explain the scenario with example below:

List of old URLs:







Now, I want all the SEO juice of the 5 old URLs to be shifted to this 1 page. How can I place a canonical tag and where? Basically, how to tell Google that the new URL is the one they should consider for SEO?


All the 6 URLs (5 old and 1 new) are of the same product.


I am using the Broadcast theme.

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