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Cart counter not updating - Cascade theme

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I'm having issues with the cart counter not updating. I know this is an issue in other themes, but I couldn't find a solution for Cascade. I'm guessing the person who built the site (not me) has mangled some of the original code to update the liquid file, but I'm not sure where to start unpicking this and working out what is broken. I've had a good look and nothing is leaping out at me. Any ideas?

At this stage I'm wondering if I need to make a copy of the site, reset the theme in the copy and compare cart codes from the theme default to the current site.



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I'm afraid there is not a simple solution for this. It would require a developer to take a look at the code, investigate what exactly is making it not update and then fix it accordingly. Very likely it's some broken Javascript that ends up breaking the updating function.

Going back to the previous, working version is definitely the easiest/fastest way to get this solved.

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