Cart Items not showing in incognito or other devices

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Could not see the items in Cart when the user is logged in again in incognito or other devices.

Could you please let me know where the issue is?


Thanks in Advance.

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Hi  @robyrajuoommen 

All-in-one platform @Growave is here. I hope my explanation would be helpful.

By default, the system uses local storage or cookies that save your cart data on the clients' browsers. So in your case, when you visit a website from another device, that device isn't linked with the card since local storage is empty. The same thing occurs with incognito mode but with slight differences due to technical privacy. The whole idea of incognito mode is not allowing sites to save data on the browser.
The solution, in this case, would be using third-party apps that keep track of your visitors' actions and save them on their servers.

Hopefully, I managed to help you. If so, please let me know by liking this post or marking it as a solution.

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Hey, @robyrajuoommen. 

Tira here to help.

Thanks @Growave for chiming in. That’s correct, this does look like a cookie-related issue, we have also seen merchants with some add to cart issues that are cookie related.

Thanks for your store URL, @robyrajuoommen. I checked your store and I was able to see my carts still added to my cart while in Incognito mode, but as I don’t have an account on your store, I was unable to replicate the login issue that you’re experiencing.

Carts require cookies in order to work and we have found that iOS device settings can be restrictive in the cookies that they allow, which can cause issues for shopping carts. Did a customer reach out mentioning that they could not see their cart items in their cart? If so, do you know which device they are using?

I recommend checking back with the user or customer to take a look at their cookie settings, and that they check to see if cookies are fully enabled. After, please have them try the add to cart function again. If it is not working after, then there may be a different issue happening.

I would love to know if this helps you accomplish what you were looking to do.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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