Change how shipping options are presented on one-page checkout

Change how shipping options are presented on one-page checkout

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On the one-page checkout, shipping options are displayed in a drop-down selector so only one option is visible. Customers are often selecting this option despite more appropriate options being available--they are missing the arrow indicating that more options are available.

I have checked in the admin and code and not found a way to change how shipping methods are displayed. Do I have any options for customizing this?

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We have a similar experience, customers are moistly just taking the only visible option and not seeing other options. The little triangle dop down thing is extremely small and unless you are totally familiar with these drop down menus they get missed. We also get the same thing in Ebay with the product specs in a drop down/pull out section which customers don't see or don't look for.
Would love a solution.... 

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We are having a similar problem with the one-page checkout.  Did you find a solution? Shopify developers, please allow the option to show all shipping methods without having to select the small dropdown selector.