change or remove on sale "from" text in between regular and sale prices (get rid of "from")

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on my shopify i have some products..   most have a sale tag and also the word "from" in between two prices.   the left price e.g. 19$ and the right price 14$ but as you can see the from is not right in this sentence i think.   i think it says 19$ from 14$..   it sould actually say $14 from $19 or better would be: from 19 for 14 or some kind like that.   is there anybody who can help me please?   i think it needs to be changed but i cant find where..   can anyone tell how to fix?   i think i just need to get rid of the word FROM in between the sale and normal prices


thank you in advance kind regards, Y0L0  =D

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Hi @Y0L0 

Cna I check? if this form are connected to the price HTML the it would need a liquid code. But if not then it can remove easily. Would you mind to share your Store URL website? with password if its protected. Thanks!

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Hello thanks for your reply. Can we do this without me sharing my url? Can you give me steps or link to steps on how to do this easy way and the other as well? Thanks in advance