Changes In Theme.Css.Liquid and base CSS Not Reflecting On Mobile

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I added a custom font. It worked on desftop version but not reflected on mobile.


I firstly added the font Loveloblack on ASSET


Then I added the following code in themes liquid (before media screen)

@font-face {
font-family: Loveloblack;
src: url( format('woff2);


Then I added the following codes in base css (after text body)

font-family: 'Loveloblack' !important;
font-style: var(--font-heading-style);
font-weight: var(--font-heading-weight);
letter-spacing: calc(var(--font-heading-scale) * 0.06rem);
color: rgb(var(--color-foreground));
line-height: calc(1 + 0.3 / max(1, var(--font-heading-scale)));
word-break: break-word;


Could you please help me to make it work on mobile as well?


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