Changing avialabilty for a single variant

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I use a drop shipper. Their inventory status is not compatible with shopify so and I do not keep a live track of their inventory on my site. When they let me know something is unavailable, I schedule availability for that product for when it is due back in stock. The problem I have is sometimes I might have five colors or styles of a product and only one color is out of stock. I do not see anyway to schedule availability for the single color without making the whole product line disappear.  Any ideas? Thanks!

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You can edit the availability of each variant from the product.



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Also note that your theme code has support for hiding variants not available, otherwise this will never work.

If for some reason you can't handle Shopify's default inventory:

It occurs to me that you add metafields for your variants, something like “inventory” or “quantity” and that these are of type “number”, so for each variant you would be adding that metafield to manage yourself.

If you are not interested in having a quantity, and you only want to establish whether it is available or not. Instead of using type “number” you could use “True or false”.





Once you have already defined your metafields, the next thing would be for you to evaluate that data with liquid and from that show the variant or not, show it as not available, etc.

This already depends more on the UI of your store.


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Thank you. As you said, I am not interested in having a quantity. I'm not tech savvy. I got as far as adding the true/false meta field as you suggested.  I found the product.liquid page. I do not know how or where to input the true/false information. It might be too complicated but I have attached a screen shot of what I think is the correct page. Would you be able to tell me what to change? Thank you!!!Screenshot (57).pngScreenshot (56).png