Changing colors of announcement bar and content-container

Changing colors of announcement bar and content-container

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I'm trying to change the colors of announcement bar and content container. The colors wont change to the live-version of the site, but I can see the change in the editor-view. The color I was trying to do with the editor was gradient of yellow, but I wouldn't mind if the color would be something like: #fffec8.

The site is called and the theme used is Sense.

Editor view:
Näyttökuva 2024-07-11 kello 15.05.49.png

Live view:
Näyttökuva 2024-07-11 kello 15.07.24.png


I think these changes need to be added via CustomCSS? I could use help with the code and where to add it. 😅

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Hey @Untenmaille 


Follow these Steps:

1) Go to Online Store
2) Edit Code
3) Find theme.liquid file

4) Add the following code in the bottom of the file above </body> tag

.utility-bar {
    background: #fffec8 !important;




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Add this css on your edit code > base.css file



.image-with-text .image-with-text__content{
   background: radial-gradient(#fff 20%, #fffec8 100%);
.announcement-bar-section .utility-bar{







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- Here is the solution for you @Untenmaille 
- Please follow these steps:


- Then find the base.css file.
- Then add the following code at the end of the file and press 'Save' to save it.

.utility-bar.utility-bar--bottom-border {
 background: #fffec8 !important;

- Here is the result you will achieve:





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