Changing the unit pricing structure from $/15g to $/load

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How does one change the unit pricing structure? For example, we are offering laundry and it's only offering metric and imperial units. I've gotten it down to a "XX/15g" unit pricing but I need to change the "15g" to "load" so it's more like "$XX/load". How does one do that? For example:

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Hi there,

You're going to have to dive into the code for this one. Basically, what you're trying to edit is related to the unit_price_measurement object, here is the doc :


Depending on your theme, it could be in a section or in a price snippet, and it may look like that:

{% if variant.unit_price_measurement %}
  {{ variant.unit_price | money }}

  {% if variant.unit_price_measurement.reference_value != 1 %}
    {{ variant.unit_price_measurement.reference_value }}
  {% endif %}

  {{ variant.unit_price_measurement.reference_unit }}
{% endif %}


and you'd have to edit it to something like that:

{% if variant.unit_price_measurement %}
  {{ variant.unit_price | money }}/load
{% endif %}


If you're supporting multiple languages, then you should not "hard code" the "load" text as I did for the purpose of this example (it's off topic, just to keep in mind though). You'd also have to do a similar operation in the cart page. If you're not famililar with html and liquid, it might be best to hire a dev.


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