Changing The Way My Products Are Organised Without Losing My Product Reviews

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Hi everyone,

My products are set up as individual variations. So for example you can order my product in blue, green, red, purple pattern A, black pattern A, pink pattern B, yellow pattern B etc.

I would like to change my site so that the products sit as variations under a main product, to show as:

Red etc

Pattern A
Black etc

Pattern B
Yellow etc

I am not adding new products. I want to rearrange the products already listed.

I know how to do this from scratch. But I have reviews (via Judge Me) and I don't want to lose them (I assume I will if I create products from scratch).

A freelancer has told me he can do this for me, but that it will take 8 hours of coding.

Does anyone have a solution I can manage myself please (I'm pretty tech savvy).


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Hello there,

I'm Patrick from support team.

Before making changes to the product, you can export the reviews from to save them as a backup. But I'm not sure how are you going to rearrange the products from an individual product to a variant. So far as I know, it's not possible to do this without creating new products from scratch

If you consider creating new products, you can then migrate the reviews from one product to another ( has this feature) and then you can delete the old products (make them out-of-store).

If you could elaborate more about how you plan to do this, maybe I could try it in my test store and demonstrate the method again to you


Looking forward to hearing from you