Re: Check out doesn't load for some of mobile devices

Check out doesn't load for some of mobile devices

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Hi experts

Our store has some problem with the check out page. 

For me and one of my colleague, the check out page works well and everything is loaded as it shall. 

 Correctly loaded in my phone.PNG

But, we identified that for some mobile devices, there are so many grey boxes which look like that the page is not fully loaded (but the browser is completed loading). This looks like that the first part of the check out is not completely loaded, but if score down, the email box and address boxes are there. This problem exists only on some of devices. We have tried over 10 mobile phones (all are iphones) with different browsers and 5 of them have problem (regardless which browser used). See the attached video. We cannot figure out what is wrong here.... 



Hopefully anyone knows about the problem?

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Hi @Dernholt !


If the issue is only showing to some devices, it means that there is a local issue going on. Meaning, the problem is coming directly on their browser of device because, if this is an account or system issue, it should appear to all of your devices. You might want to check the settings and perform some troubleshooting on the devices that are having some issue with such as, clearing their cookies and cache, use a different browser, switch internet connection for example, use mobile data instead of Wi-fi, and restart the device.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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thank you Roan! 

we tried to update one device and after updating to the latest iOS for the iPhone, the problem is solved for the actual device. still problem with other phones with older versions of iOS. we tried to clear cookies, restart, different browsers and switch networks, but it doesn't work until we updated. 

It looks like a broader problem with compatibility with older iOS versions..... this may affect more than me i guess.