Checkify doesn't work anymore, help me please!!

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Hi guys, about a month ago I got the one page checkout with Checkify and everythig was fine..till a couple days ago (or even more)!

Now, when I click on Add to cart ("Aggiungi al carrello", cause it's an Italian store) it brings me to the cart saying "Your cart is empty".

This is really frustrating and makes no sense... at first you can see on the url bar that the Checkify page is loading but then, after 2 seconds you'll land on the "empty" cart (and sometimes it even brings me to the standard shopify checkout! Crazy..)


I contacted the Checkify support, but they're very elusive and nobody seems to be willing to help me, please help! 

This is the store:

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I am having the same issue. 

Did you figure it out since you posted this?