Checkout Button on Cart Page is not working

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The checkout Button on my cart page ( is not working.

When I add an item to my cart and try to proceed to purchase, it delete me everything.

I tested it with some browsers  (with Chrome by iPhone , Safari and Firefox on each) It is not working. 

It works only with  Chrome PC and Android.

Can you please provide me a solution for this?

Thanks so much.

Hikeshispirit. Mako



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Have the same Issue over here. Not working on Firefox or IOS devices. Such a pain! My CR is falling down because of this!!!!! Please provide us a solution to this matter fast. This is a big disaster.

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Hi 'Hikeshispirit' . Rest assured you are not the only one experiencing this issue. There are now a few discussion threads on this forum with the same issue. As we all have very different stores/themes etc, it seems likely to be being caused by something at Shopify's end. I'm still trying to get it resolved with them