Checkout does not format currency as expected

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We have a shopify client who owns a Shopify Plus store. The theme language is set to English, and shop currency is set to DKK (Danish Krone, kr).

I have setup a fresh development store with Debut theme - no changes have been made to theme or any settings.

If I browse the product catalog, I can see that currency is formatted correctly as "100,00 kr.". This is also based on Currency formatting set in Settings > General > Currency formatting, which is correct and works as intended:


However, when I proceed to checkout, currency is instead formatted as "kr100.00", which is wrong for Danish Krone. 


I have contacted Shopify partner support, and was told this is intended behavior because currency formatting in checkout can no longer be customized.

As a workaround, I tried creating a custom theme translation by choosing "English" language and "English (Denmark)", resulting in a language/region code "en-DK".


This had a small impact - "kr" became "kr.", but its position did not move:


If I write a tiny C# program which formats the decimal amount using "en-DK" code, it formats it correctly:


Finally, if I change Theme language to Danish (language code becomes "da-DK"), then currency is formatted as expected, but this is not an option, because website has to be in English:


Am I missing something, or Shopify's currency formatting at Checkout is wrong? Why does language, and not the region, define how currency is formatted?

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We found a near identical case yesterday - I've been chatting to Zapiet (as that's where we first noticed it), and they confirm that they also believe this to be a Shopify bug related to multi-currency changes. In our case, if delivery was set to pickup then currency format is correct (£nnn), but for delivery the currency was switched to GBPnnn. Very odd!

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Okay, sorry you experienced this as well, but I am glad we are not alone 🙂 I had contacted Shopify support and I was told they had summited my findings to the Shopify team. I have not heard anything since. 

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For those posting here, example images of what you see or store links would be useful along with what you expect things should look like.
And if there was existing support ticket interactions, the ticket #.

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Hi @Jason ,

I do believe my original post contains information neccessary. Additional comments have been provided to Shopify support on ticket 22891481.

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Fortunately, Shopify finally decided to help me with the issue. It turned out to be a very simple solution: I just had to change the language of my theme to Latin American Spanish instead of Mexican Spanish. I don't know if it will work for you since my store is in Spanish and you had the issue with a Danish store.

I'm copying the steps Shopify sent:

  • In your Shopify admin click Online store > Actions > Edit languages (next to your live theme)
  • From there please click Actions > Change theme language
  • Under Language select Other languages and more options will appear
  • Under Region select Latin American Spanish (or test other versions of Spanish to see if they are preferred). Please keep in mind that Mexican Spanish will not work
  • Once your chosen language has been selected you can click Save

Maybe you can find a different type of Danish or UK English for the case of @Verdant-Spark under Other languages

Hopefully this will work for you guys.


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I've only had English and Danish (English) options, and neither produced correct format in Checkout.

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Same issue here. Anyone found a solution?

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Same too... Solution?

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I also am seeing en-US style currency formatting when checking out in a EUR locale.

My theme's default language is English (and I am based in the US), though we support DE, FR, and JP and use the Geolocation App to manage locales.

If I open the JS console in checkout, these values do not appear to be correct.

Shopify.Checkout.currency // EUR
Shopify.Checkout.moneyFormat // '${{amount}}`

However money amounts are rendered as "€0.00" in checkout. I would expect to see "0,00 €" for Germany etc.

This behaves as expected everywhere else throughout the theme.

Sorry for not providing a link, this is a development store and is password protected.

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I have a store in Puerto Rico. your instructions worked wonderfully for me. Thank-you very much!!!

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My 2 stores and many other (if not all) stores in Mexico are having the exact same issue but inverted, in Mexico we use the comma (",") for thousands and point (".") for decimals. Outside the checkout the format is correct, but in the checkout, the format gets inverted.

I have already contacted Shopify and they won't help, they're blaming it on the browsers, however, they rolled out an update in March that most likely caused this bug.

Please let me know if they provide a solution or if you find one.

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Sadly I have not heard anything from Shopify on this.

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Hi @evaldas_92,


I have the same problem. Did you find a way to solve this case?

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So 2 years later, this is still an ongoing issue, right? 😞

We have the same problem. Our store offers several currencies, and in our storefront and at the checkout, they are all displayed in the format: $12.50 USD. This is not correct for some currencies such as the Euro which is displayed as €12.50 EUR when it should be 12,50 € EUR.
Screen Shot 2023-03-05 at 5.50.07 PM.png


If it can help some dev (I am not) to find a fix, I believe this article could help.