Checkout Extensibility Issue - Cart Breadcrumb

Checkout Extensibility Issue - Cart Breadcrumb

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When migrating to the new Checkout Extensibility you no longer have access to the checkout.liquid anymore.

Issue is we have a script -

    const cartUrl = document.querySelector('a[href="{{ shop.url }}/cart"]');
    if (cartUrl) {
      cartUrl.setAttribute('href', '{{ shop.url }}?cart_drawer_open');

That automatically redirects users to their open cart drawer when they click on the Cart breadcrumb in checkout.

What is the best way to solve this?

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There are multiple issues with this. I also have an issue where I am running a script that checks the line item contents for products with a specific tag and if it is only that product and not a full priced product to unlock the deal it redirects back to collection. I still haven't been able to find an answer to this problem. August of this year doesn't give much time to implement custom solutions like this. I could care less about design and don't want to have to install 3rd party apps and pay for something that I already have implemented for free. Sounds more like a money grab that actual usability!