choosing multiple variants or unchecking a variant

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i seem to have a problem. i noticed something on alibaba like if they have i product selling by weight, you can check all 100g, 200g, 500g all together. i dont know how they r gonna ship but i would love to have an option like that. like if i wanna sell some kit or set, with various content, and its too expensive, i would love to allow my customers to choose the contents saparately and check out, problem is in normal variant if there is something like i frypan, and there are 2 variants (lets say) colour and material, (red or blue) and (steel or iron) they are obbligated to choose between (red or blue) and (steel or iron). and i understand why, as its not possible to choose both colour and material for same product. but lets say there is a product with sub products like there is a decoration set for house. with table and chairs with matching sheets and glasses. i want to allow my customers so if they want they can buy just chairs or just table instead of whole set. i know i can put every product separately but its not really convinient. i hope i expressed my point clearly and there is no confusion.