Cloudflare SSL issue after adding domain to Shopify

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Good afternoon hope you are all well,

I recently built a Shopify site and have pointed the domain DNS records over to Shopify and can confirm the domain resolves correctly. It has been 2 weeks since then so DNS propagation should have kicked in. 

I am still getting a "SSL pending" message in the domain section which is causing issues when I try to test products which shows errors about Cloudflare certificates.

Could someone please provide some assistance with this? Also does Shopify have any phone support or an email I can use to reach out as nothing is displayed on the website other than the forum and knowledge base. 


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Hey. Did you get an answer?

I am freaking out as I have been waiting for an answer from Shopify for 10 days and I can't use the domain I transferred from Bluehost to Shopify. Apparently the domain is still attached to Cloudflare but:

- Bluehost (my previous hosting provider)

- Cloudflare

- Godaddy (where I originally bought the domain 1 year ago) 


They all tell me that Shopify should be able to modify the domainserver as they are in control of my domain now. Shopify does not give any proper answer so for 10 days now I am not able to use the domain.



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Hi there eventually I ended up getting this fixed by using their live chat:

Hope this helps you out