code for displaying product tags on product pages

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I am trying to add product tags to the actual product pages to increase internal links.
I do use a lot of tags in conjunction with other apps that I dont want customers to see.

I currently have (found) the following code which I have tested as working -

<div class="product-tags">

            {% assign exclude_tags = "CAZAAR,not-on-sale" | split: ',' %}


      {% for tag in product.tags %}

{% if exclude_tags contains tag %}

  {% continue %}

{% endif %}

      <a href="/collections/all/{{ tag | handleize }}?sort_by=best-selling">{{ tag | handleize }}{% unless forloop.last %}{% endunless %}</a>   

      {% endfor %}



This ensures CAZAAR & not-on-sale tags dont show.
Every product also has a tag starting with BRAND_<the brand>, is there anyway I can stop all of these tags showing but just stating the start, i.e. all tags starting with BRAND_ should not display.

I found this code, but I couldnt get it to work (maybe I was placing it in the code above incorrectly?)

{% assign prefix = tag | slice: 0 %}

      {% if prefix == 'BRAND' %}

        {% continue %}

      {% endif %}


Lastly, I have noticed with the first code above, if a tag has a space like - 'pre order' as an example, this would just show the tag 'pre' - is there any way to fix this?

Many thanks


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