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Enterprise theme. So basically what I want to do is implementing (sub)collections above products within a (the general)collection. So that if the client clicks a (sub)collection, in the (general)collection would appear only the products that are from that particular (sub)collection.

Also, I would like to add filters in the (general)collection based on (sub)collections, that would do the same thing as described above. 

I would like to achieve this while maintaining the products both in the (general)collection and the (sub)collection respectively. 

Thank you in advance!

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Hello,@Fcapatina Spotify Receiptify


To achieve your goal with the Enterprise theme, follow these steps:


Steps to Implement (Sub)Collections and Filters:

Create Sub-Collections:

In your Shopify admin, create sub-collections for each category of products.

Add Products to Collections:

Assign products to both the general collection and the appropriate sub-collections.

Set Up Collection Pages:

Customize your collection page to display sub-collections at the top. This can usually be done through theme customization or by editing the theme code.

Add Filters for Sub-Collections:

Use Shopify's built-in filtering options or a filtering app to add filters based on sub-collections. This will allow users to filter products within the general collection by selecting a sub-collection.

Link Sub-Collections:

Ensure that clicking on a sub-collection filter shows only the products from that sub-collection within the general collection.
By following these steps, you can maintain products in both the general collection and their respective sub-collections, while allowing users to filter and view products easily.


I hope this will be short out for you




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Thanks, OpenAI