Compare At Prices being reset to $0.00

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Hello, I have two collections that are populated by "compare at prices" being greater than $0.01.

I recently discovered both of them completely empty because every item in those collections had their compare at prices reset to 0.00 on their product page.

Has this happened to anyone else and is there a way to prevent this from happening? As of right now I have to go through about 200 items and manually reenter their compare at prices which is very frustrating.


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Hi @VoM_Staff

Hope you are doing well. Can you please send me a screenshot to clarify your problem? So I will give you the best solution in that case. 


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Hi, so I've already manually fixed the problem so it's not present at the
moment. But what had happened was on every item that had a Compare At price
entered, those entries reset to $0.00.

So in this screenshot, where it says Compare At Price $39.99, it was reset
to $0.00, thus not showing the sale, and not being pulled into my sale

[image: amul.jpg]
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