Complete a checkout with Stripe - Using Rest Admin API Payments

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I am following the documentation on Completing a checkout via Stripe and Shopify Payments API  

I have completed these requirements as well:

Step 1: Obtain token create access [Getting stuck here] :

You'll need token create access to tokenize credit cards on behalf of Shopify's Custom accounts in Stripe.

To get token create access, provide Shopify (where ?) with your Stripe account id. You can query for this id using the Stripe API (We get this directly right on creating a Standard Connect account in test-mode?).



  • My Shopify store has Bogus Gateway enabled and store itself in Development mode.
  • Stripe connect account is also in test mode.
  • Shop location will be in Australia.

Questions :

  1. How do I get through with Step 1, where do I provide Shopify with my stripe connect id?
  2. Will it work for test accounts or I need to activate my accounts on these platforms to proceed?
  3. Are there any best practices I should be aware of in this payment flow

I'm trying to learn how to build partner apps please helpout this checkout flow is really a trouble getting through.


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