complex variant and filters - advice would be appreciated!

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I'm seeking advice for our cosmetics store (Pipeline Theme) regarding our filters and variants. Our current setup is a bit complex, and we're looking for suggestions on which apps would help us bring our vision to life.

Here's what we're aiming for, using eyeshadow as a sample product with 30 shades:

  • Multiple images for each variant.
  • The ability to filter on finish, color, etc., at the collection page (variant level).

Option 1] Uploading each color as a separate product, connecting them as siblings (this is done via meta fields). This is possible in Shopify, but it presents the issue that all colors are visible in the collection, which is not very conversion-friendly. Is there a solution for this?


Option 2] Uploading all colors under one product as variants and using an app to manage everything. I've tried the Accentuate app, but I'm still having difficulties making it work seamlessly. Is this the best solution? I'm concerned about filtering options because I want to be able to filter on the variant level.


Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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For the 1st option, you can use a tag on the colours to NOT show them in collection.


For the 2nd option, which app are you using to filter your products? You can use the colours as variants and use the Shopify Search and Discovery app to filter the products?

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@g33kgirl  Hi there!

Could you please tell me how I could make the first option work with the tags? That sounds like the perfect solution but I can't seem to find more information on this. I can only find how I can completely hide products, nog just hiding them in a collection overview. 

About the second option. Search and Discovery yes! 



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In addition to my my previous messages: 

here's an example of what we are exactly looking for. I have a preview here on our current website (not shopify webshop):
- on this page you can filter on undertone ->
Now you can see that we dipe deeper into the variants.

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Hi @Specialquest123 


Second option is better and easy to option to implement in store please refer my input for both solution.


1. As different product


If we go for the separate product this will need custom code in theme to link colour to each product.


It will become a time consuming task when you will add another color variant to products.


You have to custom code to solve your collection filter issue.


I agree with the point that this will make easy the filter task.


2. If you go for as variant you only have to code for can you pagefly or other app to provide you the option of multiple image upload for variant.



For filter install the search and discovery app which is free.


Still have questions let us know.

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