Conditional Add to Cart based on current Cart

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Just finding out if this is even possible. 


Product "Complete Bicycle" needs to be in the cart before any upgrade variant can be added to the cart.

User adds Complete bicycle setup and then navigates to our product "Bicycle Seats" and will be able to add the variant "Seat Upgrade". Without the "Complete bicycle" in the cart, the upgrade variant will not show. 


Anyone know if this is even possible? While retaining a clean inventory?


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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, Rookcyles!


This is Max from the Shopify Team.


Most apps that are available in the app store are focussed on bundling for up-selling purposes, so, it does not require the customer to add additional items to their cart, but rather suggests it. You could try one of these apps and adjust the text on the suggestions offered to be less of a "buy more and save" call to action, but perhaps something like "be sure to select your seat upgrade" or vice versa.

I haven't used this app before but it looks like it might be the solution you're looking for - Connected Inventory. Take a look and see if that might suit your workflow!


Alternatively, you might find that using an app like Product Builder, is the right option for you. It states this in part of its description:


Inventory tracking

If you like, when you create options in your steps you can link them with a specific product variant in your store. This will attach a price to the choice AND track inventory. And you can control exactly the way your builder handles that inventory. For example, it can ignore inventory, hide options that have no inventory, show the choice but disable it, or allow it to be selected to show an “out of stock” message.


Let us know if this helps!



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