Re: Configure only 1 country as a delivery country option in checkout for the market

Configure only 1 country as a delivery country option in checkout for the market

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I need to adjust the checkout for my store. I use Markets and have both international and Ukrainian markets. For the international market, I use the main domain For the Ukrainian market, I use the subfolder domain I need to configure the Ukrainian market checkout so that only Ukraine appears as a shipping option. Additionally, for the international checkout, Ukraine should be hidden from the shipping country options.

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To achieve this configuration, you'll need to adjust your shipping settings in Shopify Markets. Here's how you can do it:


1. Configure Shipping Zones:

   - Go to Settings > Shipping and delivery** in your Shopify admin.

   - In the "Shipping" section, click "Manage" next to the shipping profile you want to edit.

   - "Add a new shipping zone"  for the Ukrainian market. Name it something like "Ukraine".

   - Add Ukraine as the only country in this shipping zone.

   - Set up the shipping rates for this zone.


2. Adjust Shipping Zones for International Market:

   - For the international market, make sure you have a shipping zone that includes all the other countries except Ukraine.

   - If Ukraine is included in your existing international shipping zone, remove it.


3. Check Market Settings:

   - Go to Settings> Markets in your Shopify admin.

   - Select the "Ukrainian market"  ( and ensure that it uses the new shipping zone that includes only Ukraine.

   - Ensure the "international market" ( uses the shipping zone that excludes Ukraine.


4. Test Your Configuration:

   - Test the checkout process for both the Ukrainian subfolder ( and the main domain ( to ensure that the correct shipping options are displayed.


By configuring your shipping zones and assigning them to the appropriate markets, you can ensure that only Ukraine appears as a shipping option for the Ukrainian market, and Ukraine is hidden from the international shipping options.


I hope this solves your issue.

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Thank you so much for an explanation! 

The settings have been adjusted already, but I still can see all possible shipping country options in the checkout.