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We have been using Github with our Shopify themes for a few months now and it has been working really well up to this point. However, of late, we seem to be facing an error when adding in our themes from Github. See below what is happening:

1. click 'add theme' > 'Connect from Github'

2. Select the repository in the pop up

3. Then select connect next to the branch I wish to connect. 

4. The theme then appears in Shopify as it should but unfortunately the loading cursor doesn't seem to stop and then when it does finish the following error appears, "Not all files could be created. Remove the theme and try again. Contact support if the issue. View Logs"


We have tried getting in contact with the support but things just seem a bit slow and we are quite keen to get this sorted as we can't create duplicates of the main branch to carry out site amends. We can duplicate the theme directly through Shopify but we ideally want to have it up and running with our Github. Also to note when checking the log it just seems to be stuck on "Processing new events".


Has anyone else faced this issue before? And if so could you please advise on how we could resolve it. Thank you in advance.


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Currently experiencing this same issue - loading from a git branch for development, but the theme takes around 30 minutes to stop loading. Have you had any progress? We have other branches loaded which are working fine.

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I'm having the same issue and support is giving zero $hits. Its been two weeks now and I'm unable to load new themes from Github regardless of branch.

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My store encounter the same issue, and we click the View log seeing it say:

Error: /, Theme is too large. Maximum theme size is 50MB.

For our case, the theme has many assets as we periodically produce different images, so assets folder is huge, and I check the whole assets folder is 400MB+

However it should have been >50MB for long time, just weird that it suddenly fail.

Wonder you guys notice similar error in the theme View Log? or find that your theme also grew over 50MB+?
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