Consolidate 3 Gelato POD products into 1 product listing while maintaining accurate inventory

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Is there a way to consolidate three distinct products into a single synchronized product listing using a Print-on-Demand service like Gelato? Currently, Gelato considers canvas, acrylic, and framed posters as separate items. I've managed to create a unified listing for these on Gelato, but after synchronization, only the framed posters show available stock, while the acrylic and canvas display 0 inventory, which means I have to create 3 separate product listings for each type. My aim is to showcase these three choices as variants in one product listing while still being able to display and control accurate inventory via Gelato.


I've utilized a variant app that enables product creation with swatches, allowing all product options to be seen together upon selection. However, this setup displays each individual product separately on my store, and I'm looking to present it as a single product listing. Is there a way to hide the secondary products (acrylic and canvas) while exhibiting all three together as a single product listing? Any help on the best approach would be greatly appreciated. I am currently using the Woikee Theme.

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Hi @michm13,


The Easify Product Options app, featuring its exclusive Option URL feature, is designed to cater to your specific needs 🤗.

This innovative feature allows you to seamlessly create cross-product links within your inventory, such as canvas, acrylic, and framed posters. When viewed on the storefront, this appears as a smooth transition between different Shopify variants, but in reality, it effortlessly navigates between distinct products. Demo:

link 1.pnglink 2.pnglink 3.pnglink 4.png

Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose a single product, like framed posters, to be showcased on your collection page. For other products, such as canvas and acrylic, customers can easily explore them when they are on the framed poster product page.


Feel free to share more details about your requirements, and I'll provide tailored suggestions on how to implement cross-product linking in your store. Alternatively, you can connect with the Easify team via the in-app live chat for swift assistance 🙌.

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