Controlling negative inventory for preorders

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Hi all,

We have inventory in the way in a few weeks but I would like to give customers the option to pre-order these items. I have to set up preorders by enabling the setting that allows products to be purchased even though we don’t have inventory.

However, we’ll only be receiving certain amounts of each product, so I would like to know if there is a way I can limit the number of orders that can be made when an item is technically out of stock.  That way I won’t have to monitor each item to make sure that we receive more orders than we can fulfil. 

I have looked at a few other posts and some suggest inserting a negative number in the ‘available quantity’ section under inventory. Can anyone confirm that this actually works? Is there a simpler way? 

Alternatively is there a way I can code the limit in? I am using the Narrative theme. 

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The easiest way would be to add "PREORDER" into titles and descriptions and then just set your inventory level to what you can sell. If you set the product to continue to sell when out of stock there is no way of managing inventory levels.



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Hi Tom,

Thank you. I will go with that option. 

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Hey @starsalight,

If you don't want to manually monitor each item, you can use our app; Mercbees Low Stock Alert.

You can create alerts for your items to get a notification when your item's inventory level has a specific value. You can get a notification by email or Slack.

If you want to try our app and have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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Hi @starsalight


You can easily set this up using DC Pre-orders, by selecting "Preorder - when out of stock". See screenshot below:




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