Conversion rate incorrect vs Actual Orders

Conversion rate incorrect vs Actual Orders

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I'm noticing that my orders and "sessions converted" and "reached checkout" under Online store conversion rate (Analytics tab), does not match up with what I see under the same dashboard for Orders. For example, every day I see that i might have 10 orders, but that only 8 people reached checkout and that only 6 sessions converted. That's not possible.


When I called (3x) they've given me the excuse that oh maybe someone left a page open from the day before, or book marked a page, but this is happening literally every day. There's no way that many people are exhibiting that behavior. Anyone else have this issue and get it resolved?



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We have the same problem. We have for example 5 orders but it said 0 people ordered, an 0 people added to cart etc. I can't understand why the number of total sales isn't aligned with the total orders. It seems like a simple calculation. Is Shopify fixing this?

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Same problem here, big issue Shopify needs to resolve

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Found the issue and discrepnecy, if you use an external sales source like Tapcart, Shopify doesn’t include the orders in your Shopify conversions. Check your other sales channel 🤞 hope that helps

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I manage multiple stores and they all have the same problem. 

A session for Shopify or Google is by default only for 30 minutes. So it can't and shouldn't be happening because someone has left the page open one day before. 

I haven't found a solution to this and would be glad if anyone else who might be reading this could help. 


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I am wondering if your analytics data preference is set at "collected before consent" or "collected after consent"?

We have a similar issue. Our store seems to be getting the right numbers when the setting is at "collected before consent", but it becomes incorrect when its "collected after consent"