Convert featured collection from grill to carousel

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Hello community,


As always, thank you all for being such a generous community. I hope one day to learn so much so that I can help more than ask for help.


I currently have a featured collection widget, but it's not a carousel, it's a grid. If I add several collections to that widget, they move downwards in scroll, and in the cellular version it is uncomfortable.


I haven't found an app that can do it either, and I'm not very interested in it either, I think.


I have been able to read that through code (liquid) this widget can be converted from a grid to a carousel. I guess you can also call it a slider instead of a carousel (I think).


If I need to paste some code here, I can do that.

The store is
The theme is expanse.


Thank you always.

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Hi @Okoneko 

You may can check this to learn how to

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Thanks for your answer.


I think doing it like this is difficult for me, since I don't know much about code.


I would need something like copy and paste code that is already modified.


I know it may seem like I'm comfortable, but I have limits in knowledge of code and code implementation.


Thank you so much.