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Converting metafields to tags; with Shopify Flow?

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Hi, all

We have a connector bringing product category info in from Netsuite. But if we put these categories directly into tags, each product's tags will be overwritten with each transfer. Meaning we'd lose our ability to do additional tag management within Shopify.


I thought maybe we could store these "from Netsuite"  tags as a comma delimited list in a product metafield, and then use shopify flow to add them as actual tags when a product is updated (which doesn't seem to be an available trigger). So far I'm not having much luck. I added a test metafield, but flow doesn't seem well setup to accomplish this.


Any ideas on a better way to do this? Thanks for any help!






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I don't know about Flow, but Arigato can transfer metafields to tags. You can also synchronize tags with it, so if a condition is true, add the tag, remove the tag if a condition is false. You can do this in a batch, on a schedule or as a reaction to an updated or created event. 

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Thanks for this, John. How do I transfer a metafield to tags? I have the app installed - maybe I'll just use the help in there.

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A little late, but just in case you still need to see an example of grabbing the information from two custom metafields and creating a tag with the information in Arigato: