Cookiebot blocks image related cookie

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Hi there, 

I would like to use Cookiebot in order to be compliant with GDPR. I implemented Cookiebot, which then blocks all cookies when a user goes to my store, but it also blocks one or more cookies that is/are required for the images of my store to load. And if the user decides to only allow necessary cookies (no marketing, statistics cookies etc.) my shop does not display any images.


Do you know which cookie needs to be enabled in order to display the images? I need to identify the required cookie. 


Shopify support only provided me with the following link, but I did not find an image related cookie there:


Your support would be greatly appreciated 🙂


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Hi @Julian_K,

 i have the same problem, have you solved?

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having the same issue - but it looks like it is not a specific cookie, but just the Statistics toggle that enables and disables images... Has anyone found a fix?