Copy product template, from one theme to another?

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I purchased a theme, Warehouse, I really like it.  I am trying to implement a product customizer app(pitchprint), but it doesn't play nice with the warehouse theme.  Everything works fine except one thing, the app doesn't calculate the correct product price when changing the product variants.  They said it was because of my theme and to try it in debut or another free shopify theme.  I did and it works good on debut theme.  But I do not like that theme and would prefer to keep the one I already have. 

So, is it possible (and allowed) to copy the product template from debut, and "paste"  an alternate product template on the warehouse theme?  Basically want to have the product template from debut on the warehouse theme.

What pitchprint is doing that doesn't work on warehouse theme is, it utilizes selector elements to sync up the pricing from the product variants on the shopify side and then is supposed to calculate the correct price and show the correct size image in it's app. 

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hi @Giants_Fan ,

i can understand your problem but no you cant use product template from debut theme to warehouse theme as there might be different variables and classes in there so cant.

yes for product customizer use app that is called product customizer that may help you!

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Or maybe I could just copy the section of code that deals with the products variant selectors?

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Migrating a product template from the Debut theme to the Warehouse in Shopify is challenging due to their different structures and schemas. Each theme has a unique code base and handles sections distinctively. Manual customization is often the most straightforward approach in such cases.


For moving content or templates within the same theme or between similar ones, Theme Weaver is very useful. It eases the migration of templates and sections in themes with alike structures. However, for transferring specific features from Debut to Warehouse, Theme Weaver isn't ideal due to notable differences in design and coding between these themes.

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