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countdown in French - theme Electro from Arenacommerce

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I've customised the electro theme from arenacommerce . I've also translated ym page to FRENCH. However I have a countdown that cannot be translated using the weglot app ( it is constantly bugging ) - 


This is the countdown right now:

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I'd like to make it so that the countdown is just 19 H that way there is no issue with the translation of "hours", "minutes" & "seconds"


Therefore I'd like to change the countdown text. I managed to look in the code and find the countdown function here below:

  deadLine_time : function(){
    var _deadline_time = parseInt($('.shipping-time').attr('data-deadline'));
    var _currentDate = new Date();

    var _dueDate = new Date( _currentDate.getFullYear(), _currentDate.getMonth(), _currentDate.getDate());

    switch(_currentDate.getDay()) {
      case 0: // Sunday
        _dueDate.setDate(_dueDate.getDate() + 1);

      case 5: // Friday
        if(_currentDate >= _dueDate){
          _dueDate.setDate(_dueDate.getDate() + 3);          }

      case 6: // Saturday
        _dueDate.setDate(_dueDate.getDate() + 2);

        if(_currentDate >= _dueDate){
          _dueDate.setDate(_dueDate.getDate() + 1);

    $('.countdown_deadline').countdown({until: _dueDate, format: 'HMS', padZeroes: true});


I think that I need fr changed the format in the last line  - but I am not sure and I don't know what I should put .. H ? 

Can anybody help me if this is the correct approach? if not, could you indicate me how I should go about it? hanks a lot!

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