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Dear Community,

we have a externally hosted webshop and want to use the checkout from shopify. My setup so far:

  1. externally hosted page on cloudflare:
  2. creation of cart and adding products to it via the Shopify Buy SDK (Storefront APIs)
  3. Shopify Basic subscription with a subdomain of our domain ( connected
  4. Added redirects to our for most of the shop pages to the top (<script>window.location.href= ''</script>) especially the cart page, as the cart should live on our page. users should only be at shop.custom-domain. com for the checkout and the user account.

What I want to archive:

  • I want to be able to get the "Return to cart" button in order to get back to my shop at


  • when using the Shopify link to checkout directly there is no option to add a button to get back to our shop or the cart. In the Breadcrumb navigation there is no step cart.
  • When I move through the Shopify shop at and jump from the cart to the checkout, the button is there. Also in the Breadcrumb navigation there is the step "cart".


  • Create a special page to redirect internally to the checkout page with the help
  • I saw this at the checkout process of Recess . They use a page /pages/redirects/?checkout-id=jasfoiioasfd.
    • First step would be to extract the checkout-id and then setup the redirect

How would I set this up in liquid? I can not seam to work out how I can create and submit the form automatically to get to the checkout page "internally"

Looking forward to you ideas and solutions


Best regards

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I don't see an answer to this? was it ever answered? We are in the same pickle.