Creating HTML Sitemaps for shopify store

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Hi,I am trying to add HTML sitemap page on my shopify store.I have listed all the products and blogs but not sure how to list all pages of store aswell in html sitemap? Please share the code if anyone have ,thanks in advanceScreenshot_44.pngScreenshot_45.png

Matloob Sahmal
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Create a linklist (menu) with the pages you want to show - and in your preferred order - and loop over that instead. 

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A sane alternative is to use an app like usemechanic to script a sitemap generator using the shopify api that then adds the generated file to the theme.


Jasons method of linklists will give the most control, especially in art-direction,  but suffers from having to manually create and manage all such links as it will not auto-update when new pages, or other resources,  are created .(there is no native menu api for automating this either) 


  {%- paginate pages by 50 -%}
      {%- for p in pages -%}
      {%- endfor -%}
      {{ paginate | default_pagination: next: 'Older', previous: 'Newer' }}
  {%- endpaginate -%}




Also don't forget policies, maybe the collections-list page /collections, and or things like vendor/product-type pages. 



Do note that for things like collection/all , anecdotally , a store could have perf issues from having overly large collections of products 


In which case you may want to look at stuff like the map filter for optimizations, using the theme inspector tool to evaluate a possible perf problem.



{% assign collection_titles = collections | map: 'title' %}




Or use an app.




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Thanks @Jason  for helping us.I have added your code and it is working for all Pages.if i have to add it for collections,products and blogs aswell how can i use it?Thanks in advance 

Matloob Sahmal