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We are a mens clothing store and new to Shopify. I'm wanting some help and advice on product templates.


Is it possible to create a template for each category? i.e jackets, T-shirt, Jeans etc for listing new products.


for example if I wanted to create a new product 'T-Shirt', can I create a template so that it has its own specific attributes within there i.e sleeve type, neck type etc]


So each time I want to list a T-shirt, I could just select the T-Shirt template.


Then if I wanted to create a new product for 'Jacket' could I create a template for jackets, so when I select this template (if possible), all the attributes in there will be relevant to jacket i.e closure type, water resistant level etc and doesn't have unnecessary attributes say a t-shirt would have i.e sleeve type.


Basically so when ever I list a new t-shirt can I have a template for t-shirts I use each time so the relevant fields are in there, and if I want to list a jacket, I use the jacket template so the relevant attribute fields are in there?


Im migrating from magento to Shopify and this is how it worked in there so just looking for a solution to do this the same.

Ive added a screenshot of magento to give you an idea.


Any advice would be hugely appreciated.


Thank you


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Yes, that's the idea.

All products of the same type should share the same template, but display different data on your site, either from product properties or metafields (via dynamic sources in templates).


Only you'd need to assign templates manually when creating or importing products. Or later, via bulk edit.


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Hi @spiralseven ,


Yes, you are getting it right this is the major benefit of working with Shopify.


You can create multiple templates at product and collection level, which shares similar blocks or attributes.


To achieve the advance level of custom information you can use metafields to have different information in specific category products.


please refer the below video to check the metafield.


Hope this will help…

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