CSV File error

CSV File error

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I am getting two errors while uploading my CSV which are listed below

  • Inventory policy is not included in the list.     (I have listed the option as "Shopify tracks this product's quantity")
  • Option value provided for unknown options

The second error can't be cleared for some reason.


I have attached my CSV below

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Hi @RouhabJPR 

The value you must add in "Variant Inventory Policy" column should be "DENY" or "CONTINUE" only. 

CONTINUE: Customers can buy this product variant after it's out of stock.
DENYCustomers can't buy this product variant after it's out of stock.

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Using the Shopify admin to upload spreadsheets requires that your file matches their format exactly, which can be a little tricky sometimes. I took a look at the file and was able to fix it by making the following changes:

  • The "Variant Inventory Policy" column should have the text "deny". (Or "allow" if you want to allow the product to still be sold when there's zero inventory)
  • The "Option2Value" needs to be renamed to "Option2 Value", the space in there is causing the issues

After making those changes the file appears to work:

Screenshot 2024-06-12 at 9.32.15 AM.png


I hope this helps,



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I got the issue fixed before but thanks for the help